Juan Calls GOP 'Unpatriotic,' Says Biden Should Be 'Commended' For Trying to 'Heal' - ConsParty
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Juan Calls GOP ‘Unpatriotic,’ Says Biden Should Be ‘Commended’ For Trying to ‘Heal’

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Fox News has changed so much in recent months. The network has shifted so far to the Left that they don’t fight for Republicans anymore.

In an op-ed for The Hill, Fox News co-host Juan Williams launched a disgusting attack against the Republican Party.

Williams attacked Republicans, suggesting that people in the Republican Party should leave the GOP or they aren’t true patriots.

Williams attacked reputable Americans for constitutionally challenging election results.

“Unpatriotic Republicans keep up the attack,” Williams wrote.

Williams even praised Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, saying people who are challenging the outcome of the election are “traitors.”

“Does McConnell, the top Republican, close his eyes or does he confront the damage being done by the traitors?” Williams wrote.

“More than 50 cases challenging the election have also been dismissed as baseless — in many cases, by Republican judges in state and federal courts. But unpatriotic Republicans keep up the attack,” Williams said.

“With Biden not yet in the White House, the immediate problem is how can congressional Democrats do business with Republicans who put partisanship above patriotism?” Williams added.

He wrote: “How do you trust House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) when he is turning away from patriotism by attacking America’s greatest asset, its political stability?”

Williams then gushed over Biden and how he will “heal” the nation.

“Biden is to be commended. The nation needs healing. But a skeptic could be forgiven for doubting the honest intentions of Republicans who excuse attacking democracy by pointing to Trump voters in their home states,” he said.

“It is now dangerously clear that for Trump and fans of his authoritarian style, the object of power is power. God help President Reagan’s vision of America as a “shining city upon a hill,” an enduring constitutional democracy, if they ever get presidential power again,” he added.

This is the second time Williams has slammed Trump.

During a segment earlier this month on “The Five” discussing Trump’s voter fraud claims, Williams fumed at the other hosts, saying “This is shameful!”

“This is shameful!” Williams said as co-host Jesse Watters was trying to speak.

Williams also called Trump’s assertions “nonsense” and “ridiculous.”


“Let me ask you something: Do you think the news division of Fox News isn’t interested in every one of these [voter fraud allegations]?”

Williams said to co-host Dagen McDowell, who was raising questions around why Democrats and media outlets were not devoting more attention to “isolated cases” of mail-in voter fraud.