Did Vicе Prеsident Pеnce Just Drop Somе Hints About Јаnuary 6th?! - ConsParty
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Did Vicе Prеsident Pеnce Just Drop Somе Hints About Јаnuary 6th?!

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The Vice President is vowing to take action against every illegal ballot cast, and has some words regarding Georgia as well.

I am FIRED UP after listening to the VP’s speech!

It makes me wonder though….what exactly was he alluding to?

He was definetly dropping hints at something big coming in January, could it be that VP Pence is going to use his constitutional authority to reject fraudulent electoral votes?

I think so.

But again, we will just have to wait and see.

My money is on him excercising this authority though, either that or VP Pence knows something big, evidence wise or SCOTUS wise, that we do not yet know.

I mean just look at him during that speech, that is a man who is SURE of something, he is not just standing up there trying to be positive or rally the troops.

He KNOWS something, he has something up his sleeve…..

Take a look:

HOLY MIKE PENCE! pic.twitter.com/NaXGoul77q— Mike (@FuctupMike) December 23, 2020

Wayne Dupree Media had more on the story:

This might just be the most fired up we’ve seen Mike Pence in quite a while.

During a recent speech, Pence dropped a huge hint on what’s coming for January 6th.

The Vice President definitely doesn’t seem to want to throw in the towel yet, and is vowing to get every illegal vote thrown out.

Pence also declared that he’s going to fight to win back Georgia!

Stop the steal on January 6th Mr. Vice President. Thank you!— Cborunda (@Cborunda1) December 23, 2020

Lucifer is a liar and so is the Lincoln Project. Lincoln wanted to preserve the Union, not sell it to the highest bidder as the RINOs and this “project” are attempting to do….VP Pence is a Patriot who will do the right thing on January 6th… America will overcome… pic.twitter.com/B8VahqJbRi— Golden-Q 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐🇺🇸 🇺🇸 (@GoldenQFairie) December 23, 2020