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It has been difficult for President Trump to know who his real friends are. But after the election, many are showing their true colors. And President Trump just revealed his new top enemy and you won’t believe who it is.

The White House has been a lonely place for President Trump over the past four years. Outside his family, he has had a lot of trouble knowing who he can trust. Many of his top officials have turned on him to back the Deep State in their crusade to destroy his America First message.

Many Republicans have claimed to support him publicly in order to appease Trump supporters, while privately trying to torpedo the President. One of those Republicans is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell was as anti-Trump as you can get before Trump took over the White House.

But as soon as Trump took office as President, the Senate Majority Leader changed his tune, and tried to publicly appear as a vocal supporter of Trump’s agenda.

Unsurprisingly, McConnell has turned on Trump once again now that the mainstream media has declared Joe Biden as the winner of the election.

McConnell chose to give up on the fight to expose the voter fraud in the 2020 election, publicly congratulating Joe Biden, referring to him as “President-Elect.”

In response, Trump had his personal assistant send a slide show to Republican lawmakers showing how his support bolstered support for Republican candidates across the nation. One of the races he highlighted is McConnell’s, who faced a contentious election in November.

It shows a polling chart, revealing that after every public message of support Trump gave for McConnell, he faced a huge boost in the polls, with the polling chart showing that McConnell was losing before Trump gave his nod of support.

The chart also shows that Trump won the state of Kentucky with five percent more of the vote than McConnell.

But it wasn’t the chart that is making waves, it is the message Trump had written at the top of the slide. In big red letters, the top of the chart states “Sadly, Mitch forgot. He was the first one off the ship!”

The poll chart shows clearly that it was the support of President Trump that gave McConnell a clear win against his Democrat candidate. Many Republicans have been unsure of him for years, but the poll chart seems to show that many were willing to give him another chance because Trump asked them to.